Monthly Archive: June 2017

Country Houses Hotels for your holiday

Are you choosing the destination for your next holiday and don’t know if the ideal choice is staying in a traditional hotel or in a property close to nature? Have you heard about Country Houses Hotels often and well but do not know in detail what it is? Let’s find out together.

The term Country Houses hotels means a kind of tourist hospitality that usually takes place in old rural houses transformed into real accommodations with rooms or apartments with independent services and possibly enriched by the presence of an indoor restaurant and in some cases of sports and recreational equipment.

What are the main features of these structures? Among the most important there are without doubt the hospitality in a rural environment, the appreciation of the excellence of the territory, its identity, its uniqueness and the peculiar character of the people who live there; the involvement in the agrarian atmosphere rich in sounds, scents and flavors.

In addition to the relaxation and beautiful scenery that the guest can find in country houses hotels, the added value will be provided by all cultural, recreational, territorial and peculiar activities that will complement and qualify the offer together with discovery of all the typologies that characterize the territory and which are often produced or processed by the company itself.

The organization of cultural and recreational activities is, in fact, a big favor because it achieves a closer relationship with the environment and the tradition of the place, offering concrete opportunities to revive … Read More . . .